If you’ve ever been to Africa, then you know that the spirit of Africa never leaves you! I am fortunate enough to have been born in Kenya where I had so many beautiful and varied life experiences. These in turn have helped shape who I am as an artist: my love of bright colors, bold prints, clean aesthetics and modern lines – which can be summed up in the following tagline – Modern African Aesthetics.

Creating for me is such a deeply personal process, and my goal is to not only bring you joy, if only for a moment, but also to promote the idea of mindfulness and resourcefulness through my creations, as well as my writings. You will be pleased to know that my materials are ethically sourced not just from Kenya, but from other African countries as well and then handmade into unique items in my “studio” located in a typical New England hamlet here in Connecticut.

 Thank you for allowing me to share the spirit of Africa with you.

With Gratitude, 

~ Neema