Oh Madeleine!

Gluten Free Madeleines
Last week in between spoonfuls of honey, I decided to bake some gluten free Honey Madeleines. Why? Because a friend gifted me a madeleine pan. I mean does one ever really need a reason to bake delicious desserts?

Gluten Free Madeleines
Here is where I went wrong, I made the assumption that because I am a good baker, this would be an easy undertaking. Boy was I wrong. First of all, my cake batter which is perfect for my cupcakes is certainly not a good base for Madeleine’s. They require a much lighter, fluffier batter, and so the experiment continues…
Gluten Free Madeleines
Here are five gluten free recipes that I’m looking forward to trying:
Gluten Free Canteen – La petite madeleine
True Food Love – gluten free lemon madeleine
Gluten Free Cooking – gluten free madeleine
The Art of Gluten Free Baking – madeleines on monday
Deya’s Gluten Free Flour – madeleines

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