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Flowers in Bloom

This shoot all began because my aunt made sample dresses for a client.  A model was needed, so I styled the outfits, got Dorkys to take the photographs and voila!  I think she did an amazing job for a first timer.  I can assure you there were plenty of laughs.  What fun we had!


Coming to America

This dress reminds me of an old photo I once saw of my grandmother in the 60s. Super short, looking chic and beautiful.  I feel as though I had a moment – and I allowed myself to honor her memory.  Dorkys lightened the mood when she noted, I was posing -something out of Coming to America. {Those photos were not included}


Lesos by the Lake

My neighbour has this gorgeous lakefront property – the exciting thing is that she lets me use it whenever I please.  There is a gazebo that I like to sit in, meditate and just be in nature.  Since Dorkys was visiting, I could not think of a more perfect place to stage a fashion shoot.